Each of the seven anchor organizations received the following awards: $100,000 (2020), $50,000 (2021), $50,000 (2022), $100,000 (2023)

Alabama State Association of Cooperative provides outreach and assistance to farmers in retaining and expanding their landholdings, accessing and fully utilizing USDA programs and supporting cooperative development in the state..

Federation of Southern Cooperatives is a catalyst for the development of self-supporting communities through cooperative economic development, land retention, and advocacy.

Mississippi Association of Cooperatives serves farming families and communities by providing technical assistance and advocating for the needs of cooperatives, including networking, sustainable production, marketing, and community food security.

National Black Food and Justice Alliance is a coalition of Black-led organizations aimed at developing Black leadership, supporting Black communities, organizing for Black self-determination, and building institutions for Black food sovereignty & liberation.

Southeastern African American Farmers Organic Network is a network of Black farmers committed to advancing ecologically sustainable practices in the Southeastern U.S. and U.S. Virgin Islands, and cultivating liberatory approaches to land stewardship and agriculture by promoting the links between Black farming, Black history, and Black culture.

Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative for Social and Economic Justice, is a collective of women leaders across Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia dedicated to lifting up Black women and families in rural, impoverished areas.

Mississippi Center for Cultural Production, supports community development from the ground up through cultural production focused on self-determination and agency designed by and for us in the belief that history, culture, and food affirm our individual and collective humanity.


Gainesville Health & Wellness Center Service Cooperative of West Alabama to serve the wellness needs of community members by building a multi/purpose room for group classes and education, improving raised vegetable beds, and running youth programming.
Panola Land Buyers Association $70,000 

Annemanie Community Garden to operate a women-led community vegetable garden that provides hands-on education for youth and distributes food at low or no cost to local people, developed on land owned by the United Presbyterians of Wilcox County.
Bama Kids, Inc. $100,000 

Mileston Farmers Community Development Project for community development opportunities through large-scale vegetable production, a packing house, transportation and distribution capacity, agricultural job training and employment opportunities, a revolving loan fund for farmers, social support services for the disabled, food distribution, and a childcare center.
Mileston Cooperative Association $100,000 

Fox Fire Ranch to contribute to a vibrant rural culture and retreat experiences in the Hill Country of Mississippi by building out its infrastructure including a new cabin and improvements to Big Mama’s commercial kitchen.
Mississippi Presenters Network $125,000

Community Revitalization


Greenhouse Production Planning Project for the planning of a greenhouse-based organic seedling business to serve farmers in the region in order to address the lack of sources for organic seedlings, including the hiring of a project manager to research and conduct a feasibility study.
The Mississippi Center for Cultural Production (AKA Sipp Culture) $75,000

Main Street Cultural Center for the permitting, bidding, contracting, site inspections, and construction of a community center that provides space for both a commercial kitchen and cultural performances.
The Mississippi Center for Cultural Production (AKA Sipp Culture) $150,000

Fountain Heights Farms to support the community kitchen, neighborhood markets, building and supporting community farms, the greenhouse and programming in order to address food apartheid and develop a healthy local food economy.
OurSpace World, Inc. $180,000

Institutional Stabilization Over the course of two years, Boggs will cultivate community engagement and partnerships; stabilize operations and grow human and management capacity; and invest in farming, social, and physical infrastructure.
Boggs Rural Life Center, Inc. $250,000



Alabama Agroforestry Demonstration to establish a demonstration site with fruit and nut trees including silvopasture (livestock), vegetable alley cropping, honey bee production, and mushroom farming as a way to increase environmental benefits, diversify farm operations, enhance sustainability, and add new income streams.
Alabama State Association of Cooperatives $100,000

Southern Rural Black Women in Agriculture Cooperative to support Black women farmer members use of land and other assets in their communities to grow produce for direct, wholesale, and institutional markets, including through an “Equitable and Regenerative MS Delta Healthy Food System” anchored by the Crossroads Community Kitchen/Food Hub in Clarksdale.
SRBWI $150,000

Alabama Cooperative Labor Force Development Fund to address the need for affordable skilled labor through a two pronged approach that includes the development of a labor cooperative providing hands-on training, work opportunities, and self-help organizing as well as the establishment of a pooled fund to help farmers afford to hire the workers they need.
Alabama State Association of Cooperatives $200,000

The Direct Farmer Support Fund for the Direct Farmer Support Fund to resource Black farmers to invest in their farm business infrastructure Fund.
SAAFON $250,000



Watermelon Convergence: Exchange & Farmer Brigade Activation to stimulate, grow, and sustain the culture and legacy of Black agrarians through: a retreat focused on farmer organizing, marketing, distribution and cultural practice; and a learning exchange at Indian Springs Cooperative where farmers would converge to participate in collective work, seed exchange, market analysis, cultural & political exchange and storytelling.
SAAFON $30,000

Storytelling Initiative for Southern Agrarian Cultural Preservation Resourcing storytelling about Black agrarianism through a planning grant and the hiring of a  consultant to identify storytellers, document stories through digital media and planning a gathering that can clarify the need and opportunity.
The Mississippi Center for Cultural Production (AKA Sipp Culture) $75,000

Youth Network Coordinator and Southern Agrarian Youth Network to connect and support young agrarians in the South, including the hosting of a gathering with sponsored attendance and connecting youth amongst the SBFCLF network.
SAAFON $180,000




Want to help?

The fund now welcomes funding from a broad array of donors to continue to support rural Black community self determination throughout the Black Belt region.