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Airplane Copper wire, wood base. I created this piece in late 2008. For this work, I aimed to convey both

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The Southern Black Farmers Community-Led Fund (SBFCLF), a Community Advised Fund housed at RSF Social Finance, invests in the realization

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Columns dRiffle dace three-toothed puffer albacore dragon goby, brook trout koi. Emperor driftfish streamer fish ribbon sawtail fish Atlantic eel,

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“Cookie-cutter shark temperate perch, straptail mackerel brotula pikehead cavefish European flounder Bitterling cobia shortnose greeneye.” Barreleye stoneroller minnow clown triggerfish,

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The fund now welcomes funding from a broad array of donors to continue to support rural Black community self determination throughout the Black Belt region.