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Brandi Turner is the Co-Founder and Co-Director for the Mississippi Center for Cultural Production (MCCP), best known as Sipp Culture (SC) in Utica, MS. MCCP, an organization taking a place-based approach to holistic community development through agriculture, cultural production and community engagement. As a partner in the design of SC programming, Brandi is also the lead coordinator of SC events & programming. Formally, the Managing Director of TWA Consulting, a company that provided services in creative consulting for artists looking to strengthen their work in arts and culture. Currently a member of the Daisa Enterprises CoPA Steering Committee, Alternate ROOTS member, and serves as board member of Art of the Rural, Artist Communities Alliance and the Utica Institute Museum.

Through nurturing, Brandi has developed an inseparable love for culinary arts, aiding as a tool in her community engagement and artistic practices. She is also a freelance makeup artist with an extensive career in cosmetic sales, management and event coordinating. Raised by proud Motown natives (Detroit, MI) in the south (LA & MS), she became a student of dance for 15 years. Brandi lives in Utica, MS with her husband Carlton Turner and their three children, Jonathan, Xiauna, and Tristan.
Brandi Turner

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