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Fund Advisor

Carol Blackmon serves as Senior Consultant and Human Rights Coordinator for SRBWI, where she trains community leaders on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Ms. Blackmon also serves as the Senior Organizing Manager for Mississippi for Black Voters Matter Fund and is the former director of the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus Foundation. She is founder and President of C B Enterprises & Associates, Inc, a consulting firm that supports nonprofit organizational development, program development, and special project management. She has extensive experience in the philanthropic sector, including serving as a former program officer with Foundation for the Mid-South; Executive Director of the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus Foundation; Program and Executive Coach with the W. K. Kellogg Foundation’s Mid-South Delta Initiative; Program Manager for the Mid-South African American Philanthropy Program; and Managing Consultant for the Deep South Delta Consortium; founding board member of the National Center for Black Philanthropy, Greater Jackson Community Foundation and Mississippi Housing Partnership; grants committee chair for Rural Education and Leadership Foundation; and a former board member of the Association of Black Foundation Executives.

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The fund now welcomes funding from a broad array of donors to continue to support rural Black community self determination throughout the Black Belt region.