Zel Taylor

Team Member ZEL TAYLOR Fund Advisor Zel Taylor (they/ she) is a Black queer nonbinary farmer in the deep South. Their people are from Atlanta, Waynesboro, Calhoun, and Augusta Georgia area. As the descendant of sharecroppers, enslaved land workers, farmers, and…

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Terence Courtney

Team Member TERENCE COURTNEY Fund Co-Chair Terence Courtney is the Director of Cooperative Development & Strategic Initiatives for the Federation of Southern Cooperatives. He began organizing with the Service Employees International Union to improve economic conditions for working people. He led…

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Sarah Bobrow-Williams

Team Member SARAH BOBROW-WILLIAMS Fund Advisor Sarah Bobrow-Williams is an activist and community planner committed to community-based organizing, participatory research, and decolonizing land-based practices and policies. She received her master’s degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of New…

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Oleta Garrett Fitzgerald

Team Member OLETA GARRETT FITZGERALD Fund Advisor Oleta Garrett Fitzgerald is the Regional Administrator for the Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative for Economic & Social Justice (SRBWI). SRBWI operates in 77 counties across the Black Belts of Alabama, Southwest Georgia and…

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Kolu Zigbi

Team Member KOLU ZIGBI Consultant Kolu Zigbi serves as a re-sorceress, strategist, connector, facilitator, and catalyst for social and environmental justice, with a focus on collective governance of land and financial resources by BIPOC and marginalized communities. She believes in solidarity…

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Brandi Turner

Brandi Turner

Team Member BRANDI TURNER Fund Advisor Brandi Turner is the Co-Founder and Co-Director for the Mississippi Center for Cultural Production (MCCP), best known as Sipp Culture (SC) in Utica, MS. MCCP, an organization taking a place-based approach to holistic community development…

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Joe Barnes

Team Member JOE BARNES Fund Advisor Joe Barnes is an Agribusiness Management Specialist with the Mississippi Association of Cooperatives. The fund now welcomes funding from a broad array of donors to continue to support rural Black community self determination throughout the…

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Dr. Jasmine Jackson

Team Member DR. JASMINE JACKSON Fund Advisor Dr. Jasmine Jackson (she/hers)  Co-Executive Director of the National Black Food & Justice Alliance – Dr. Jas is an applied food systems research and policy-based specialist. She partners with academic research teams, anchor institutions,…

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M. Dominique Villanueva

Team Member M. DOMINIQUE VILLANUEVA Fund Advisor M. Dominique Villanueva (she / her) is a dedicated advocate for health and justice in marginalized communities. As the Co-Founder at Fountain Heights Farms, a Black-centered urban farm in Birmingham, AL. Dominique extends her impact…

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Alsie Parks

Team Member ALSIE PARKS Fund Co-Chair Alsie Parks is an Atlanta-native, that advocates and activates the use of food as an organizing tool for healing and liberation. As a child of the south, she is the granddaughter of educators, sharecroppers, and…

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